Pai Gow Poker App for Mobile

If you're involved with online casinos at all, then you know that mobile is the part of the industry that's growing the fastest. While the industry as a whole is growing on a global level, the growth that mobile has seen is absolutely incredible. Along these lines, many people who want to play on the go will choose a pai gow poker app. There are a lot of different apps available, and with such a wide variety of phones, tablets and other mobile devices available, it's not exactly clear which one a new player should use. We're going to show you what you should look for here.

Phone Compatibility

First thing's first: If the pai gow poker app will not run on your phone, then you're not going to make it very far. Most phones these days use Android or iOS to run, and these are the two platforms that most mobile games are made available for. However, Blackberry, Windows and other operating platforms also hold a sizable share of the market, and if your device uses one of these alternative platforms, then don't think that you're a fish out of water. In most cases, you'll have plenty of choices of apps for playing pai gow poker on the go.

Native Pai Gow Poker App Issues

Some of these apps are called native, and this is a term that confuses a lot of players. All this means is that it's an app that's created to run specifically on one specific platform and no others. For example, a native Apple app would only run on Apple devices and wouldn't run on Android or any other platforms. The majority of online casinos do not use native apps because they want a wider availability, but some do, and it's important to know what that terms means.

Flash-Based Mobile Options

Most mobile casino games these days, no matter what platform you're playing on, will be based around Macromedia Flash. This is the same platform used for producing instant play and no download casino games that you can run in your browser, and if your phone or tablet has a web browser and an Internet connection, then they have you covered. However, this technology has been around for quite a while, and the industry is slowly but surely starting to leave it behind. Check out the future of pai gow poker app software below.

Introducing HTML5 Games

HTML5 is the newest platform being used for mobile games, and it has a number of key features that make it an improvement over Macromedia Flash. The first big improvement is that it can be used for a wide variety of devices. This means the developer can make one game in HTML5 and have it play on any modern smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop or other device. If you have a device with an updated Internet browser, then you'll be able to run these games in a full-screen mode that behaves much like a native app.

Safety and Security

One issue for playing pai gow poker on the go is that there are security issues with gambling on your mobile phone. For one, if your phone is stolen, then someone could try to log into your account and clean you out. This is why you need to have your passwords in place, and never have the casino automatically log into your account. You'll want a password on your phone, but you'll also want a different password for your casino account. The point of this is that having both passwords as the same does not actually add an extra layer of security, but having different passwords does.

What's more is that you should be careful about who you play in front of. You don't want to see someone put in your password, or they could go home and log in on your account from their own device. Along similar lines, you'll want to avoid using public wireless Internet sources that you aren't familiar with because they can try to snoop on your communications if they aren't secure.

Mobile Pai Gow Poker Gameplay

The biggest thing players look for in a pai gow poker app today is that it's easy to play and that there aren't problems with the touchscreen. The fact of the matter is that mobile phone screens are small, and it can be tricky to try to fit seven cards on one at the same time. Touchscreens can be really useful, but just make sure that the cards aren't put so close together that you make mistakes and place your hands incorrectly. As long as you pay attention to what you're doing, most modern pai gow poker mobile games will be more than sufficient.

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