Pai Gow Poker Wiki

Pai gow poker games are among the most popular table games that have been inspired from Asian traditions. This game was originally played with Chinese dice, but the basic idea and gameplay was moved over to use standard playing cards so that the game could be played by a wider audience. Poker rankings were used as the standard for judging the hands, and there is only a single exception to that general rule in the game. We'll cover that below, but just realize that this is essentially the same type of game played with Chinese dice except a different medium was used to make it more popular.

About the Pai Gow Poker Games Wiki

Since this game is so popular, there's a lot of information that goes into it. We're presenting this game in a way that will help you to get straight to the information that you need to know. This includes strategy, game selection, bet selection, bankroll management, how to handle bonuses, where to play, where to practice and more. Because of the high level of skill involved in this game, and because of the incredibly low volatility involved, you can play for much higher stakes than usual without having to worry about big swings. Along these lines, you want to be prepared to take on this game to maximize your chances of winning.

The House Way

The dealer has to arrange his own seven cards in pai gow poker games, and it's critical that this be done the same way for the same cards each time. Because of this, each casino will have what they call the house way, which is the set of rules the dealers use for setting their hands. This house way can be different from casino to casino, but a lot of the common scenarios are played the same way. In most games, you can have the dealer set your own hand according to the house way. However, if you want to get the best payout possible, you'll have to deviate from the house way on occasion.

Strategic Deviations

This is where studying and practicing comes into play. The basic idea is that you'll have a standard way to play most hands, but some of them will have multiple ways to play that will seem reasonable. The key to becoming an expert in pai gow poker games is to learn how to play these most difficult scenarios properly on a consistent basis.

Overall, pai gow poker is an excellent game with a lot of depth, and its low volatility makes it very appealing to players who are risk-adverse. However, it still retains the ability to go on long winning streaks, especially if you're a skilled player who has put in the time and effort to learn the best ways to deviate from the house way.

Bankroll Management

In any type of gambling, you'll have your bankroll, which is the amount of money you have set aside for wagering. Managing this bankroll is a key skill for any player who wants to become successful at any type of gambling, even in things you wouldn't traditionally think of as gambling like the stock market. The basic idea behind bankroll management in pai gow poker is that you'll want to have a specific number of units in your bankroll based on a certain number.

For example, suppose you want to have 200 units in your bankroll, and you have $300 set aside for play. Divide $300 by 200 to get $1.50, and this $1.50 figure is the maximum bet size you should use to manage your bankroll properly according to a 200x rule. For pai gow poker games, a rule of anywhere from 150x to 250x is more than reasonable. This is much more aggressive than what you would see with other games that have a strong skill element like video poker or blackjack because the volatility of the game is so low because of all of the pushes that happen.

Bet Size Selection

In addition to choosing your bet size based on the principles of bankroll management, you also need to consider the rules of the particular casino you're playing in. For example, RTG-powered pai gow poker games have a rule that all payouts are rounded down to the nearest quarter. Along these lines, they also take a five percent commission on their bets. If you bet $1 in this game, your payout would be $0.95 on a win, but that gets rounded down to $0.75, which is a much worse payout. You can avoid this problem by betting in increments of $5 so that your commission is $0.25 and your entire win of $4.75 is paid out to you.