Pai Gow Poker from RTG

Realtime Gaming has created a slightly different approach to table games, and that's why their online pai gow poker games stand out a bit. Instead of trying to throw together a bunch of impressive graphics that will slow down your computer and make your games load slowly, they have focused completely on giving you a solid experience with a suitable interface. If you plan to play with an RTG-powered online casino, be sure to check out their free pai gow poker online game first because they have a slightly different set of rules than usual.

Important Rules

There are two important rules that all pai gow poker players should know before playing because they can differ from site to site and game to game. In the RTG online pai gow poker game, you're going to have the typical rule where the A2345 wheel straight is the second-highest straight available behind AKQJT and head of KQJT9. Also, the joker in this game is a bug instead of a full wild, so if it's not a part of a straight or a flush, then it's used as an ace instead.

The house advantage with the Realtime Gaming rules is 2.86 percent. However, you do not have the option for your hand to be set in the house way, so you'll need to practice in the free pai gow poker online game to make sure that your hand-setting skills are good before you play if you want a decent payout rate. They have a much different house way than what you'll find in many online casinos, and that's why the house edge is slightly higher than many other casinos.

It's also worth pointing out that your payouts are rounded down to the nearest $0.25 denomination. Because there's a five percent commission on wins, you'll be at a loss if you don't place bets that are multiples of $5.

General Interface

What's really good about their online pai gow poker games is that the table is laid out with a solid visual appeal without hogging a lot of resources and slowing down your computer. Their games also run in a web browser, so you don't have to worry about downloading anything. It's really a quick setup that allows you to get in on the action quickly and easily without a lot of time getting things ready.


The free pai gow poker online game by Realtime Gaming is pretty critical if you plan on playing their real money games. The reason for this is that you have to be able to put in the practice needed to increase your skill level at setting your hand since there's no option to take the house way. You can use strategy charts if you like, but it's much more satisfying to learn how to set your cards in a strong way on your own.