Pai Gow Poker from GamesOS

When you play pai gow poker online with GamesOS, you're going to get a lot more from the experience than you might be used to. For better or worse, most software companies have a real lack of useful features when it comes to their pai gow poker games. The focus for most software developers is online slots, but GamesOS understands the importance of having strong table games as well. That's why their pai gow poker game is one of the best that you'll find in the industry right now.

Important Rules

Anyone who wants to play pai gow poker will want to know the status of two particular rules. One rule is about the role of the joker and whether it's a bug or a wild card. For GamesOS, it's the normal bug that acts as a fifth ace except when it's used for straights, flushes, straight flushes and royals. The other rule is about the ranking of straights. In this game, they also follow the typical rule that the A2345 straight is the second-strongest straight that can be played in the five-card hand. The strongest straight is AKQJT, then A2345, and after that comes KQJT9. This is a rule typical of pai gow poker, and it's the only real change in the five-card poker rankings.

Visual Appeal

There's a very important part of the interface for GamesOS when you play pai gow poker, and that's the fact that the suits and ranks are displayed with over-sized cards. In many games, this isn't such a big deal. However, pai gow poker is very sensitive to situations where you mistake one suit for another. With smaller cards, especially during longer sessions, you'll sometimes mistake a spade for a club or a diamond for a heart, and that can have a disastrous effect on the outcome of the hand.

The Fortune Side Bet

You can play the Fortune Side Bet in GamesOS's version of pai gow poker. This is the most popular side bet or bonus bet available for people who play pai gow poker online or in land-based casinos. The way this works is that you can get different payouts for the values of your cards, and this includes a top payout for getting seven cards that make a natural straight flush. Wins are also available down to straights, three of a kind and flushes, so you have lots of opportunities to win. The paytables aren't as generous as video poker, but your chances of hitting hands are more likely since you're getting seven cards.


Overall, GamesOS's pai gow poker game is an excellent version to train with because it automatically presents the house way to you by raising up the two cards it would suggest putting into the low hand. This is based on their house way, and then you can make changes as you see fit.