Pai Gow Poker from BetSoft Gaming

BetSoft was the original supplier of online casino software back in the mid-2000s, and they have maintained a strong position at the top of the pile because of their constant innovation and the small twists they put on everything to give players a novel experience. This is the case with the pai gow poker free online game by BetSoft as well because they have a lot of good features without any of the drawbacks that you sometimes see from other software providers. This makes their pai gow poker game one of the best available overall.

General Rules

The general rules for the pai gow poker free online game are basically the same as you'd expect with the A2345 rule where it's worse than AKQJT and better than KQJT9, and they also use the standard bug rule for the joker. This rule states that you will have to use the joker as an ace unless it's being used as a part of a straight, flush, straight-flush or royal flush. This is the standard rule set, but it's worth pointing these things out because these two rules in particular can change from casino to casino.

Game Options

In the pai gow poker free online game by BetSoft, and in their real money games as well, you can use a house way button to arrange your hand properly. From there, you can decide to go with a different arrangement if you prefer. However, this will help to keep you from accidentally fouling your hand, and that's pretty important for having good sessions.

The interface itself uses cards that have a large face to make it easy to see what's going on, but you're also playing on a classic casino table that's very well-formed. Something in particular that's helpful about this particular style of visual presentation is that the suits are drawn on the cards in a way that's very easy to distinguish. Sometimes you'll mistake a diamond for a heart or a spade for a club and misplay or foul your hand in pai gow poker, but that's much less likely to happen with the style of cards used in the pai gow poker free online game that BetSoft has available.